Launch at Klimahouse 2022

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No better place than Klimahouse, the international fair for renovation and energy efficiency in buildings, to share our plant-based wood coatings with the world.

Every year, the event at Fiera Bolzano inspires and informs its 36,000 visitors with a full program dedicated to innovation. On Friday 20 May Riccardo Giudice, our Sr. Sales Manager in Italy, presented the Sherwin-Williams research path for the proposal of products enhancing environmental sustainability: our plant-based wood coatings.

The presentation was held in the context of the meeting dedicated to the Serramento Green project, sponsored by the LegnoLegno Consortium and of which Sherwin-Williams is a partner. It focused on our ambitions to help lowering CO2 emissions and reducing the carbon footprint (CFP), contributing to a carbon neutral industry. More specifically, we launched a complete range of over 1,000 plant-based Bio products for the wood industry, supporting our customers on their journey to a zero-emission future. Yes, our message attracted a great deal of public interest!


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Like to know more about how our plant-based wood coatings can make a sustainable impact on your business? Download our brochure. Do you have any specific questions on our products? Don’t hesitate to ask. We are committed to helping you with advice, calculations, and best-in-class support.

Download the brochure or contact us for general information