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Following extensive evaluation, Nordic Door decided to go green with the innovative switch to Sherwin-Williams’ plant-based wood coatings for their painted doors. The results are impressive. In addition to providing excellent quality and reliable performance, this eco-friendly choice guarantees unbeatable sustainability gains, leading the company towards a carbon neutral future.


Nordic Door AS has been Norway's leader in stylish and high-quality door solutions for 30 years. With a reputation built on quality, the company provides certified fireproofing and sound dampening doors to commercial buildings like hospitals, schools, apartments complexes and nurseries - along with residential homes across Scandinavia. 

" We constantly look for solutions that reduce our energy consumption and ecological footprint "


With a production of 100,000 doors per year, the family-owned business is committed to creating high quality and sustainable products. Thomas Söhnel, purchasing manager: “To meet the growing demands for environmental friendliness we have implemented waste sorting systems and energy saving initiatives as well as the use of FSC certified wood. This in combination with plant-based wood coatings from Sherwin-Williams, helped us to develop one of the lowest carbon footprints on the market for our EPD (Enviromental Product Declaration) certified  “climate door” in order to optimize Nordic homes' indoor climate.

" Sherwin-Williams shares our vision on quality and sustainability "

At Nordic Doors, investing in health and safety is just as important as paving the way to a more sustainable future. “We have invested in good extraction and noise reduction to ensure a sound working environment”, says Thomas Söhnel. “And because approx. half of the doors we produce are painted, it is important that our paints are healthy and safe for employees, customers, and the environment. That’s why we currently use a water-based UV paint from Sherwin-Williams.” 

Arild Mydland, technical manager: “Sherwin-Williams and Nordic Door go a long way back. We share the same vision and values. Since I started working here in 1996, Sherwin-Williams (previously Beckers Acroma) has always been a preferred supplier.” 

" Tests showed that the quality of the new plant-based wood coatings is better than the water-based and solvent-based paints we used befor "

“Until 2012, we mainly applied solvent-based paint from Sherwin-Williams on our doors”, Arild Mydland continues. “In 2012 we switched to water-based paint. Since May 2022 we use the new water-based UV paint (WH1710). This plant-based formula appeared to be the best and most sustainable choice for our painted doors, as furniture fact tests showed. Coverage, adhesion and stackability are better than both solvent- and water-based paint. In addition, the final product is considerably more durable than standard water-based paint. The plant-based wood coatings significantly reduce our climate footprint. According to information from Sherwin-Williams, it will save us approx. 35,000 kg CO2e or the equivalent of a car driving 175,000 km, that’s like 4.4 times around the globe.”

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‘Next to implementing plant-based wood coatings,
we are looking for ways to reduce and recycle waste paint’


Nordic Door's transition to plant-based wood coating was no small feat; extensive tests on paint installations were conducted in partnership with Sherwin-Williams and Falkenberg/Cefla before finally landing on a suitable solution. 

The transformation is far from complete, however - the company continues their commitment towards sustainability by proactively looking for ways to reduce waste paint when changing colours at their production line. With ongoing research into environmentally conscious solutions, Nordic Door remains resolute in its efforts towards ecofriendly manufacturing practices.

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